Baby Massage Moves

This page shows some useful Baby Massage moves (Please do not copy these baby massage, shiatsu and, reflexology moves without consulting a qualified Baby Massage Instructor).

Baby Leg Massage. Effleurage assists the immune system. (below)

Stroking your baby's back is very relaxing and good at the start and end of the back massage. (below)

Tummy time whilst doing the back massage is fantastic for your baby's neck and back muscle development. (below)

 Holding over the ears is very warming and soothing. Good for ear pain. (below)

This photograph is showing a shiatsu teething point. Gently circle this area to assist with teething pain. (below)

This is a point for aiding sinus congestion. Gently circle with your little fingers. (below)

This is the solar plexus area of the foot. A very relaxing area to massage that balances the system. (below)

This massage move shows thumb circles, up the sternum and the along just under the clavicle. Great for congestion. (below)

This shows gentle squeezes or kneading up the arm towards the lymph glands. (below)

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