Baby Yoga

Sally Tealls Baby Yoga - (combined with Reflex)

Baby Yoga/Reflex stage 2 and Stage 2 Sensory Play Joining info- 

Baby Reflex/Baby Yoga stage 2 (plus sensory play stage 2) this is a combined Stage 2 class.

(But can be taken without having done baby massage)

I hold Baby Reflex/Baby Yoga classes every Tuesday in my unit at Holly court in Midsomer Norton, at 9.30am and 12 noon.

New courses are available each term. 

Baby Reflex/ Yoga is a 6 week course covering many aspects of Baby Reflexology/Yoga. During the first three weeks we look at baby yoga -

Baby Yoga can give parents skills and resources to keep their baby contented between feeds and can help to alleviate wind and colic.

Baby Yoga reduces the frustration of babies in the transition of one developmental stage to another while assisting their transitions.

Tactile stimulation has been shown to contribute to the development of the brain and the nervous system. All baby yoga is accompanied by fun songs and rhymes and is a joint fun activity between parents and babies.

After completion of this section we begin Baby Reflex.

Each week you get to take away an Information booklet which will show you all the a reflexes taught and the routine to follow. Baby reflex is reflexology for baby's. Stimulating points on the feet that correspond to places in the body.

Classes are relaxed, fun and suitable for babies from six weeks to Pre-crawling.

During classes we look at the babies senses and use a variety of items to Increase their growing awareness of sight, sound, smell and touch. (Sensory does not include taste at this age ) 

The cost of the whole course is £39.00 and that includes all of the above Or (£35.00 if you have attended a course with me before)

This stage 2 course is fun, informative and a great way to meet new friends whilst learning some very important skills. Chocolate cookies will be provided along with drinks at the end of sessions :)

If you would like to join please inform of which session you would like, your full name, your baby's full name, your baby's date of birth, a mobile number and provide me with your home address. Also please inform me if you yourself or your baby has any extra needs or medical conditions.

Once I have received these details I can then confirm your space.... On your first day attending baby yoga and reflex you will be given a full consultation to complete.

I will send a reminder by Facebook group before the start of the course. 

Why Baby Yoga?

The benefits of Baby Yoga are varied and there are many-

Baby yoga is bonding.

Promotes body awareness

Soothes sensory nerve endings

Helps release wind

Aids constipation, stimulates digestion

Maintains flexibility

Improves concentration

Improves balance

Promotes brain development

Stretches muscles

Aids relaxation

Prepares baby for crawling

Sally demonstrating on the doll.

What Happens In a Class?

This is 3 week course following on directly from Baby Reflex.. Each week there will breathing and exercises for parents and the lots of fun yoga exercises for your baby. The classes will cover exercises for all of the above benefits and will give you techniques that you can adjust as your baby grows.

Handouts with the yoga exercises on will be given after each class..

I will demonstrate all of the techniques during the class and ensure you can use them confidently.

Refreshments will be provided at the end of the class.

Classes are suitable for babies from 6 weeks to pre-Crawling.

 Sally demonstrating on the doll.

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